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Sabina i Krzysztof Kolba

Me and my wife - wedding photo
We are sympathizers of North American Indian especially the most wonderful tribe on prerie - CROW (Apsaalooka).
We are interested in Indian culture for the last 5 years. We make replicas of Indian art and craft (mainly Crow - you can see some our regalia HERE).
Long evenings we spend with friens in our tipi, talking or drumming and singing Indian songs.
Every year all sympathizers of North American Indian meet on Polish American Indian Friends Movement meeting. (Photos).
There are some people in Poland whose are interested in Crow Nation. We have Fox Society, which was founded in '98 to propagate Crow culture among Polish young people. We have a good contact with people whose are interested in Crow culture in East Germany.
We would like to visit Crow Reservation very much. Maybe some day!
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